Georgetown Works

What is Georgetown Works:

Georgetown Works is a new approach modeled after a nationally recognized, proven program to help our neighbors get to work, stay at work, and advance at work. Georgetown Works is a program designed to offer job training and placement with our area business partners for those clients who are willing, capable, and serious about making life changes. We help them identify and remove the barriers preventing them from working their way out of poverty. We closely monitor job progress and living habits for those who enter this program, and ultimately assist them in reaching full self-sufficiency.

Georgetown Works will over time meet the employment and training needs of the employers in this region by delivering a qualified pool of entry level workers.  Friendship Place will develop a fully accountable delivery system that sets, monitors and evaluates measurable goals in terms of job acquisition and retention.

What we need:

If you are an area business and have unskilled positions available, consider partnering with us by becoming a core employer.  We will work with the clients we bring you and help them advance within your company.  We will reduce your turnover rate by at least 50%.  Or you may want to consider investing in Georgetown Works to help us move our neighbors us and out of poverty by helping them get and maintain jobs.  In either case, your help is essential in helping us break the cycle of multi-generational poverty in Georgetown.

Why we need Georgetown Works:

Generational poverty in Georgetown is growing and there are very few agencies aggressively working to stop it.  Each year the number of our neighbors living in poverty grows and we have to reverse that trend.  Poverty is a driver for drop-out rates, crime, and teen pregnancy.  The spill-over effects of getting parents and families back to work will have a tremendous positive effect on our community.  Families and individuals will reduce their dependence on government assistance, begin to pay taxes and demonstrate to their children the benefits of working and moving forward.  With programs like Georgetown Works there is a proven reduction in poverty-related issues; including crime, incarceration, school drop-out rates, poor health, generational poverty, broken homes and homelessness.

How it works:

Critical to the success of Georgetown Works is the selection of candidates chosen to participate.  Job seekers are welcome to apply and go through the week long intake process.  If at the end of that week they have proven themselves willing and capable, drug free and committed to gaining employment they will be accepted into the program.  Acceptance brings membership for life and the commitment of the staff and volunteers to leverage all our assets to help them find and retain a job and achieve self-sufficiency.

Simultaneously, we will be working with our government and non profits partners to help them develop long term, sustainable solutions to the daily challenges they face in retaining a job.  We focus on providing a hand-up to our neighbors and not a hand out to our clients.

We will strive to identify core employers where our candidates will be placed.  We will choose employers that offer fair wages, stable employment, access to benefits and most important, growth opportunities.  Throughout the process our staff is constantly coaching, modeling and empowering our candidates to keep moving down the long path to self-sufficiency.  The process typically takes 5-6 years for a family to move out of poverty.


We will continue counseling and training in both job and life skills to enable the candidate to continue dealing with the daily challenges of life and issues that may arise in the workplace.  Georgetown Works will stay in touch with the employer to identify opportunities for additional training that will enhance the employee’s opportunities for advancement.