Georgetown Eats

The hot meal program provides meals to the poor and needy of the community five days a week.  The meals are prepared on-site and served by volunteers from area churches, youth groups, other non profits and organizations. Volunteers help plate and serve each meal. There are no buffet lines at Friendship Place.  Our current schedule is Mondays through Fridays at 11 am to 12 pm.  Since the beginning, we have served hot meals.  What is changing now is the introduction of new, healthier (low in Sodium, fat and unhealthy ingredients found in fast foods) and innovative foods being introduced by the Friendship Place kitchen.  The goal is to cost effectively streamline and simplify our menus.

With the volunteer help of two innovative local chefs Josh Quigley, owner of “Quigley’s Pint and Plate” and “BisQit” restaurants, and Adam Kirby co-owner of “Bistro 217″ and “Rustic Table” restaurants, we have accomplished our goal.  We formed a committee with the chefs and our board to fight food insecurities.  Based on the recommendations of the committee and the help of these Pawleys Island restaurant owners we are serving healthy, wholesome, tasty, nutritious, and cost effective meals to our clients.  And, instead of serving on paper plates and bowls as in the past, we are now using “real” plates and bowls.  This makes us a little greener by reducing the paper and plastic that are costly and that go into the solid waste stream.  Eliminating those consumables we are saving money.  And, through improving purchasing we have been able to significantly lower our food costs.

Our guests enjoy good food every day that they come to Friendship Place, and they are greeted by good company as they dine on our campus.  We welcome anyone and everyone to join us for our meals.  It is a safe, secure environment for those struggling with food insecurities.