Volunteer Opportunities:

Local churches, youth groups, other non profits and organizations provide the volunteers that serve for each meal. The volunteers are the wait staff and serve each plate of food to the guests. There are no buffet lines at Friendship Place. A volunteer chef does an excellent job providing a nutritious meal for the 50 to 100 guests that arrive daily. He works very hard to keep the cost of the meals down.  In addition, bags for the bag lunches for Saturdays are assembled by volunteers. Additional volunteer opportunities at Friendship Place include special projects like cleaning around our dining hall, kitchen, classroom and transition house.  Other opportunities may include helping out with fundraising events.  Please contact us if you are interested in any volunteer opportunities.

Help Serve Lunch:

We need volunteers Monday through Friday to help serve our hot meals for our guests.  From 10:30 – 12:30, our volunteers help set up, serve and clean up.  We have some organizations assigned certain days, check out the list of groups involved to see if an organization you are affiliated with is one who is already involved. Contact them to get plugged in.  If you are not connected to one of those, please call us and we will work you in to some of our smaller groups.

Make Bag Lunches:

Some of our volunteers collect pre-made bag lunches from their neighborhoods and some assemble them at our facility. These include all items (drink, chip, treat, fruit, etc.) except the sandwich.  If done at our facility, we set up an assembly line and bag the items and store them in containers for future use.  We can also use people to come in and make the sandwiches at Friendship Place for the days we need them. Contact us if you are interested in this.